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Let’s create bold, powerful songs together that evoke emotion.


Hi, I’m Gary Dillon. I’m a music producer, mix engineer and multi-instrumentalist based in Glasgow, Scotland. I specialise in creating modern records spanning multiple genres with one constant: bold, powerful songs which make the listener feel. Helping to create this intangible connection between the artist and listener is my purpose, whether you are looking for a song produced entirely from scratch or for mixing to ensure your music hits across the entire audio spectrum. Does this sound like what you are looking for? Get in touch now.



Recent work

Below is a selection of tracks I have wrote/co-wrote, produced and mixed.


How we can work together…



Every song starts from a single idea: a raw emotion, a beat, a melody. Whatever stage you are at in the creation process, I can help take your song from initial concept to radio ready release.

After an initial chat via Skype/phone, I will enhance your idea with additional instrumentation and production techniques to make sure your message is conveyed to the listener. This can be anything from building an entire track from scratch to taking a demo recorded on your phone and turning it into a full production. All of this will be done in close collaboration with you as the artist, to ensure your vision comes to life.

We can record vocals within my home studio, at any local studios or you can send me vocals which you have already recorded. This gives you total control and flexibility over how you want to manage your project.


Do you already have a song you are happy with but are struggling to get that polished commercial sound? I can provide mixing to ensure levels are balanced, vocals are in tune and aligned, and every element of your track has its own space to breathe within a crystal clear, three dimensional mix. After an initial consultation, I will provide up to 3 revisions to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the final mix which is now ready for mastering.

I provide mixing by default for all production work.

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